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ToneTag and Elocity partners to bring sound-based technology to solve payment processing challenges for the EV sector - Environmental Communication Options/Huff Strategy

ToneTag and Elocity partners to bring sound-based technology to solve payment processing challenges for the EV sector

Jan 27th, 2022 8:21 AM

Toronto, Canada, January 27, 2022 - ToneTag, India’s fastest-growing sound-based proximity communication and payments service provider is collaborating with Elocity, a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to solve the payment processing challenges in the EV sector. Ease of use and payment processing is key to both, improving the experience for EV drivers and strengthening the viability of EV charging business models. Currently, numerous EV charging stations in India don’t accept cash, which zones out people with non-smartphones or in areas of low internet connectivity from recharging their EVs at the public charging stations. As India and the world transitions to EVs, the seamless integration of EV charging, EV drivers and payment systems will play a significant role in ensuring a sustainable EV future. ToneTag has completed over 52 million consumer transactions and this strategic partnership with Elocity, will contribute hugely to speeding EV adoption. The technology will be especially beneficial in rural areas and underground parking garages where online payments and network connectivity are challenging. This technology will be first offered in the Indian EV charging market and quickly scaled globally. Through this strategic partnership, EV drivers with any mobile phone can now pay easily at Elocity HIEVTM and ToneTag enabled EV charging stations, irrespective of their location or network availability. Our solution is engineered to ensure efficiency and safety while delivering a seamless EV charging and payment experience which most importantly is accessible and uncomplicated. Commenting on this initiative from the Bangalore head office, Kumar Abhishek, Founder & CEO of ToneTag, stated, “Our simple and secure voice payment solutions are set to drive offline payments across the country, making digital payments accessible to all. With ToneTag, customers can make digital transactions just with their voice in their preferred language. We expect the Indian digital payments space to rise fivefold and reach $1 trillion by 2023. With Elocity, we are extending our offline & voice-based payment services to EV drivers to improve their EV charging experience.” Sanjeev Singh, Founder & CEO of Elocity, commented, “Elocity is laser focused on constantly innovating to solve the most pressing EV charging space challenges. The value of integrating our EV charging HIEVTM technology with ToneTag’s voice-based payment system is enormous. Already our integrated HIEVTM platform brings the entire EV charging ecosystem together and it will be further enriched to the benefit of EV drivers by this partnership. Working with ToneTag aligns with Elocity’s mission of “A Connected EV World”. Currently, Elocity is engaged with many leading companies and Government organizations in India, North America and globally. We will continue to collaborate with many specialist technology partners, businesses, Government organizations and EV drivers to unlock superior value for everyone involved. “
To schedule interviews or for additional information about ToneTag, please contact: Sudeshna Singh at Sudeshna@tonetag.com To schedule interviews or for additional information about Elocity, please contact: Don Huff at +1 416-805-7720 or donhuff@elocitytech.com or Aashima Bhutani at aashima@elocitytech.com About ToneTag ToneTag is one of the world’s largest hardware-agnostic sound wave tech solution disrupting online and offline commerce, the technology enables audio-based authentication and proximity payments that are contactless, frictionless, and secure. It offers integrable software that supports all customer mobile devices and any merchant POS / billing system, to make voice-based authentication and digital payments. ToneTag’s Plug & Play acoustic omni-channel solution gives businesses and customers a faster and autonomous payment, authentication and checkout experience with its ground-breaking sound technology. To learn more about ToneTag: www.tonetag.com About Elocity Elocity is a global technology company specializing on digital integration of the EV charging ecosystem. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Elocity has a presence in 9 countries on four continents and has a strong base in India. Elocity digitally connects the EV charging ecosystem through its HIEVTM technology to unlock value, promote better coordination in demand management, and provide a better EV charging experience for EV drivers. HIEVTM enables EV adoption and sustainable integration of EVs, EV drivers, EV chargers, and the electricity grid. Digital integration is vital for a sustainable transition to electromobility. Elocity solves technical and business challenges around interoperability, data privacy, payment processing, and security for better and faster EV adoption. Elocity has ongoing projects with many leading businesses, charge point operators (CPOs), and utilities in India and globally. To learn more about Elocity: www.elocitytech.com