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New consumer poll and Canadian Cannabis Report: What’s the Buzz shows demand for legal pot nearly double Federal government estimate - Environmental Communication Options/Huff Strategy

New consumer poll and Canadian Cannabis Report: What’s the Buzz shows demand for legal pot nearly double Federal government estimate

Sep 7th, 2017 12:29 PM

Nearly 4 out of 10 (39%) or 11.5 million adult-age Canadians say they will be cannabis consumers if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legalization plans come to pass. Nearly, 6 in 10 (57%) Canadians support the Prime Minister's cannabis law changes. These are top-line finding of a new market research survey that asked 5,000 randomly selected Canadians (interviewed with person-to-person telephone calls during July 2017) 75 questions on their views, acceptance levels and expected consumption of cannabis. The Canadian Cannabis Report: What’s the Buzz? was created in partnership by cannabis marketing consultant Colin Firth and Oraclepoll Research Ltd. President Dr. Paul Seccaspina and represents the most detailed, comprehensive and unbiased consumer market research study ever performed for the emerging cannabis sector. The Canadian Cannabis Report: What's The Buzz? is a valuable research tool created for industry stakeholders including licensed cannabis growers, license applicants, health care professionals, government officials, financial and legal service providers and law enforcement agencies to help plan and provide guidance for the road ahead. These 11.5 million potential Canadian cannabis consumers far exceed any previous projections and, when translated into the volume of cannabis needed to supply their demand, nearly doubles the expected mid- range amount predicted by the Parliamentary Budget Office in November 2016. At a modest baseline consumption level of only 8 grams/month this translates to over 1,000,000 kilograms per year which bodes well for the Health Canada licensed producers that are ramping up for a massive influx of adult age recreational cannabis consumers with the anticipated legalization in mid 2018. “We recognized a significant lack of data for this emerging industry. To date, there has not been a study of this magnitude of the Canadian people’s thoughts of the cannabis industry -”both on the medical and recreational fronts,” says report co-author Colin Firth. “We saw this not just as an opportunity to better understand the Canadian cannabis consumer, or Canadians as a whole, but to help ensure that as a country, we’re all prepared for 2018’s pending legalization. We’re convinced that this report is the single most important document to emerge in this industry since Bill C-45 was tabled.” Other findings from the 60-page report include: • Currently, nearly 7.5 million Canadians or 26% of the population are admitted cannabis consumers. • 34% of Canadians claim they have a friend or family member that currently use recreational cannabis. • 78% of those surveyed are aware that medical marijuana can replace certain types of medication. • 24% of current and potential users will replace alcohol with cannabis. • 28% have an interest in cannabis edibles while 60% say they will choose smoking as their preferred method to consume cannabis • 77% of current and potential cannabis users said they will purchase cannabis from a licensed grower. • 63% of respondents favour the retail model for recreational cannabis purchases while 30% prefer online shopping. • 72% of Canadians believe that the federal government should pardon and eliminate previous and current convictions for simple cannabis possession. Respondents were asked 75 questions and the data provides the most current and up to date information on the state of the cannabis industry in Canada. The Canadian Cannabis Report: What's The Buzz? is a must-have report available for purchase by any cannabis industry stakeholders. The 5,000-sample size of randomly selected Canadians (18+) is accurate (± 1.5%, 19/20 times) and is representative of Canadas demographic and geographic or provincial makeup. All interviews were undertaken in July 2017 using computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI).
To arrange a media interview, email Oraclepoll at colin@oraclepoll.com or call 800-494-4199. To learn more about the report, visit oraclepoll.com Established in 1995 by Company President Dr. Paul Seccaspina, Oraclepoll Research Limited is a full service public opinion polling, market research and consulting service. Oraclepoll Research has offices in Toronto and Sudbury, Ontario.