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100 Debates on the Environment will take place across Canada 2 weeks before the 2019 federal election - Save the Date: October 7, 2019 - Environmental Communication Options/Huff Strategy

100 Debates on the Environment will take place across Canada 2 weeks before the 2019 federal election - Save the Date: October 7, 2019

Jun 5th, 2019 5:54 AM

Toronto, June 5, 2019 -- Today, on UN World Environment Day, GreenPAC is providing a “Save the Date” notice to incumbent MPs and candidates, announcing that 100 non-partisan all-candidates debates on the environment will take place on the same night during the federal election campaign. The initiative will make October 7, 2019, the second-most important day in the campaign. “Debate organizers are already in place from Charlottetown to Penticton and from Milton to Yellowknife,” said GreenPAC Executive Director Sabrina Bowman, noting that more than 60 debates have already been confirmed (see the current list of ridings below). “This is an unprecedented opportunity for local candidates to communicate their positions on this critical topic.” “Concerns such as climate change and water pollution are now ballot box issues for voters from all walks of life,” added Bowman. “100 Debates is a solution-oriented, non-partisan forum for Canadians who want to see our political leaders work together to build a safe and healthy environmental future.” Each debate will have community hosts and moderators. These include local businesses and non-profit organizations, health and medical groups, schools, colleges and universities, and individuals. Issue-based all-candidates debates have never taken place in Canada on this scale. If you are interested in attending or organizing a debate in your riding, please check out www.100debates.ca.
ABOUT 100 DEBATES ON THE ENVIRONMENT: 100 Debates on the Environment is a project coordinated by GreenPAC. Visit www.100debates.ca for more information on the project and for a list of local debates.
ABOUT GREENPAC: Launched in 2015, GreenPAC is Canada’s non-partisan non-profit organization that works to build environmental leadership in politics. GreenPAC’s other initiatives include a political internship program on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, as well as a non-partisan endorsement program for aspiring political candidates with a demonstrated commitment to the environment. Visit www.greenpac.ca for more information. For more information or interview requests, please contact: Kate Belmore, GreenPAC, 647-457-3075, k.belmore@greenpac.ca (English) Camille Gagné-Raynauld, Equiterre, 514-605-2000 , cgraynauld@equiterre.org (French)