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Forests Ontario planted 2.5 million trees across Ontario this season – including 24,000 in Chatham-Kent - Environmental Communication Options/Huff Strategy

Forests Ontario planted 2.5 million trees across Ontario this season – including 24,000 in Chatham-Kent

Aug 25th, 2023 6:20 AM

Barrie, Ont. (August 25, 2023) – Forests Ontario and its partners planted approximately 2.5 million trees across the province this season, including 24,000 in Chatham-Kent, as part of its 50 Million Tree Program. This brings the program’s province-wide total to almost 40 million trees planted to date, with close to 600,000 trees planted in Chatham-Kent.


“As we continue to see the effects of climate change – including unprecedented wildfires across Canada and around the world – it is imperative that we do everything we can to combat it. This includes the creation of healthy, new forests as well as managing and improving the diversity and health of existing forests,” says Jess Kaknevicius, Chief Executive Officer of Forests Ontario. “We are proud of our accomplishments this year and know full well they wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible planting partners and the generous support of individual donors, corporate partners, and both provincial and federal levels of government.”


Forest Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program significantly reduces the costs of tree planting, making increasing forest cover in our communities easier and more affordable while ensuring the right trees are planted in the right place for the right reason.


“At Forests Ontario, we like to say that we don’t just plant trees, we grow healthy, diverse forests,” says Elizabeth Celanowicz, Chief Operating Officer of Forests Ontario. “We can say that because we have a comprehensive network of planting partners with the expertise to manage every aspect of tree planting, from seed collection and growing seedlings to tree planting and maintenance, ensuring our new forests are healthy and thriving.”


“Growing a healthy forest is a team effort and it takes time. We have worked hard to build strong relationships with partners who understand the transformative power of forests – to combat climate change, to clean our air and water, to support biodiversity, and to provide economic and recreational opportunities in our communities. We look forward to working with our partners, landowners, supporters, and all levels of government to plant even more trees in the coming years,” says Kaknevicius.


Landowners who would like to take part in the 50 Million Tree Program need enough space to plant a minimum of 500 trees, which is typically at least half an acre of open land or 1,000 metres for a windrow or riparian buffer planting. More information about the 50 Million Tree Program is available at www.forestsontario.ca.   

Caption: Forests Ontario 50 Million Tree Program planting partner Conservation Halton, 2023 spring planting.



For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Matthew Brown
Communications Manager

Forests Ontario / Forest Recovery Canada

Cell: 519-471-4751   
E-mail: MBrown@forestsontario.ca

About Forests Ontario & Forest Recovery Canada 

Forests Ontario is the province’s leading charity dedicated to the creation, preservation, and maintenance of forest and grassland habitats. Our ambitious, large-scale tree planting initiatives, extensive educational programs, and decades of community outreach result in millions of trees being planted each year.


Together with our national division, Forest Recovery Canada, we work with our many partners across the country to plant native trees and ensure our efforts today thrive and grow into tomorrow’s diverse, healthy, and resilient forests.


Visit www.forestsontario.ca or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to find out more.