Canadian eco heroine and wild salmon advocate featured on CBS’ 60 minutes

May 12th, 2014 9:44 AM

(Sointula, BC, May 11, 2014) Alexandra Morton, Canadian biologist and wild salmon advocate, was featured on the most successful news magazine in TV history: CBS’ 60 Minutes. Alexandra’s episode was aired this past Sunday, May 11, 2014. To watch the entire segment, visit

That Alexandra Morton was selected as the spokesperson on the impact of salmon farms by 60 Minutes is a powerful endorsement of her years of research and advocacy for wild salmon.

Morton has a long history with salmon farms. In 1984, the first salmon farms appeared in British Columbia. A few years later, Alexandra noticed local wild salmon populations declining, increased disease and sea lice, and the killer whales she was studying abandoned the area. When government refused to address these issues, Morton began publishing numerous scientific papers demonstrating how salmon farms are damaging British Columbia. Then she moved on to advocacy in 2010 leading one of the biggest environmental demonstrations in BC, walking hundreds of kilometers down Vancouver Island with thousands of people.

Today Morton is tracking the most lethal European salmon viruses known, which government refuses to acknowledge. Morton reports that the density of fish in salmon feedlots breaks natural laws, causing disease levels to rise to beyond what wild salmon are built to survive.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to speak to so many citizens of Canada and the United States on the impact of salmon farming,” said Alexandra Morton. “I am not opposed to aquaculture, but it is clear that when wild salmon migrate past these open feedlots they are terribly threatened. When Dr. Sanjay Gupta asked the senior lawyer for the $26 million Cohen Commission if the ISA virus is in BC, he could not answer the question. This is not good. On the show I ask people to stop buying farmed salmon. I am advocating for separating farmed fish away from our precious wild salmon stocks. This episode of 60 Minutes is extremely timely as government is currently expanding the industry, and critically downgrading the laws of Canada to suit the Norwegian companies using BC to grow Atlantic salmon.”

Alexandra commends 60 Minutes and Dr. Sanjay Gupta for the powerful analysis and warning to North Americans of the dangers of salmon farming to wild salmon and the health of the ocean.

In June, she is in British Columbia court again on issues to related salmon farms.

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Alexandra Morton is the Executive Director of the Department of Wild Salmon. The Department of Wild Salmon links together the experience and knowledge of hundreds of salmon groups, First Nations, university departments and labs. We use on the ground real-time information and cutting edge science to pinpoint the problems and empower communities to manage the impacts on wild salmon from a local level with a province-wide perspective, keeping each group financially independent.