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Canada’s Leading Sustainability Award releases list: Canada’s Clean50 for 2024 - Environmental Communication Options/Huff Strategy

Canada’s Leading Sustainability Award releases list: Canada’s Clean50 for 2024

Sep 28th, 2023 7:20 AM

Cabinet Minister, CEOs, Corporate & Municipal Sustainability Leaders, Clean Tech entrepreneurs, ENGO chiefs and Emerging Leaders Gather Today for 13th Clean50 Summit in Toronto. 
Notably excluded: Bankers & Fossil Fuel Developers

Toronto, September 28th 2023: The Clean50 award recognizes leaders from across Canada who have done the most to advance climate action and develop climate solutions. Today’s lists acknowledge the recent accomplishments of 50 senior leaders, 20 Emerging Leaders, and reveal 5 Lifetime Achievement Awards, selected from over 1000 nominations collected nation-wide over the past few months. 

75 incoming individual Honourees, members of 25 Project teams and 35+ existing Clean50 members engage today in a full day of intense discussions, designed to identify actionable solutions to the climate emergency that Canada and Canadians can implement, followed by an awards ceremony. 

Awardees are forward-looking leaders representing the most effective and progressive organizations taking on climate change from every sector, balancing mitigation with adaptation. 

Awardees this cycle range from Canada’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, and former Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, long Canada’s greenest Mayor, now part of the leadership team at innovative builder Nexii to active-wear manufacturer Mondetta CEO Ash Modha and the most senior executives from several of Canada’s largest electricity distribution companies.  Minister Guilbeault will address the gathered honourees at this evening’s ceremony. 

Other awardees are entrepreneurial, bleeding-edge clean tech CEOs and researchers decarbonizing everything from cement to fabric and plastics, venture capitalists, renewable energy developers, property developers and leaders in the circular economy. 

Plastics played an important role, with different winners embracing the circular economy by capturing and repurposing shoreline plastic waste, making plastic out of seaweed and other garbage

“The range of ingenuity demonstrated by these 75 people is just extraordinary”, said award Executive Director Gavin Pitchford. “Canada needs to eliminate 730 MT of carbon pollution from our annual output – Over the past year, Canada’s 2024 Clean50 have made a significant start on that target – with much more to come”. “If we have any hope of hitting our committed targets, it is people like these Canadians will need to thank”.  Pitchford added that “For the first time in 13 cycles we don’t have any big 5 bankers on our list.  Until they stop greenwashing and make a serious effort to decarbonize their investment and lending portfolios, we’re going to stop recognizing any of the good things that some do”. 

The full list of Canada’s 2023 Clean50, Clean50 Emerging Leaders and Lifetime Achievement Honourees appears below, and more details behind all of the award winners can be found on the Clean50 website: https://www.clean50.com

Media are welcome for awards ceremony. 

Media contact: Gavin Pitchford gpitchford@deltamanagement.com

416-925-2005 / M 774-330-6606 https://www.clean50.com


Canada’s 2024 Clean16 & Clean50  

*first person listed in each category is the leader in the category and also winner of a Clean16 Award


Angels, Accelerators & Venture Capitalists



Clean Tech


Education & Thought Leaders

Finance & Services

Manufacturing & Transportation

Primary Resources

Public Sector

Renewable Energy

Research & Development   

Retail & Consumer

Technology, Telecom & Media

Traditional Energy Generation

Clean50 Emerging Leaders for 2024 (35 years of age or younger)

Lifetime Achievement Award Honourees for 2024