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Leading Indian electric utility, KSEBL and EV charging technology company Elocity launches EV Charging network in Kerala

On Behalf of Elocity / KSEB on Monday 13th of June 2022 01:59:18 AM

Kerala, India, June 12, 2022 - Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL) and Elocity have successfully inaugurated network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Palakkad District of the State of Kerala, India. KSEBL is the only integrated electricity company in Kerala supplying electricity to approximately 13.1 million customers. Elocity is KSEBL's technology provider for the innovative EV charging project. The partnership brings Elocity's global experience and best-in-class EV charging technology to KSEBL's customers.

This large-scale EV installation program is a key step in achieving the Government of Kerala EV vision, which is led by the Honorable Shri. K. Krishnankutty, Minister for Electricity, Kerala - to embrace electric mobility as a tool to promote shared mobility and clean transportation while also ensuring environmental sustainability, pollution reduction, energy efficiency, and conservation, as well as creating an ecosystem for EV component manufacturing in Kerala.

The public can charge their EVs at the KSEBL's EV charging infrastructure network using the Elocity' "HIEV India" mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS. EV drivers can also use the HIEV India app to plan their trip and access an extensive EV charging network across India.

While inaugurating the EV charger network KSEBL spokesperson stated, "KSEBL is thrilled to help drive the acceleration of the Indian EV revolution. Kerala, known for its environmental sensitiveness, biodiversity and tourist attractions wishes to maintain its texture and ensure a sustainable development for its people. The state has been a leader in the use of green and sustainable solutions, and KSEBL is committed to accomplishing that goal. The two main drivers of this endeavour are promoting e-mobility and renewables, both of which are critical to achieving climate action goals. As part of this, KSEBL is actively collaborating with key stakeholders to build an EV ecosystem, and this project is critical in delivering reliable, high-quality energy services to our valued customers while also supporting Kerala's electric mobility aspirations."

Prity Singh, Managing Director, Elocity India stated "KSEBL's dedication and progress towards being front runners in e- mobility adoption is impressive and Elocity is honored to support them. EV drivers in Kerala would be able to travel long distances using this KSEBL EV charging network. This helps Kerala accomplish its long-term e-mobility goals while also addressing range anxiety, which is a major hurdle for users choosing EVs. The conversation about net zero targets, zero-emission vehicles, and the sustainable transportation systems in India is crucial and Elocity is proud to be part of it."

Elocity pioneers in smart EV charging solutions, working with electric utilities, charge point operators (CPOs), fleet operators, and EV charger OEMs in 9 countries on four continents. Elocity's HIEV technology is the only EV charging network in India compliant with open global standards such as Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI), Open Automated Demand Response (OADR), and Green Button. These standards are critical for a sustainable, scalable, and future-proof EV charging for India.


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About Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEBL)

KSEBL is an Indian public sector undertaking under the Government of Kerala and carries out the business of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity in the State of Kerala.

The utility has grown from a total installed capacity of 109 MW to an installed capacity of 2,823 MW and created Transmission and Distribution networks of over 10,404 and 272,480 circuit kilometers respectively. With a global focus towards carbon footprint reduction, KSEBL is a pioneer in promoting Kerala to be one of the front-runners in the adoption of electric mobility. Kerala been among the earliest states in India to adopt an approved EV Policy.
To learn more about KSEBL: www.kseb.in

About Elocity
Elocity is a global technology company specializing on digital integration of the EV charging ecosystem. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Elocity has a presence in 9 countries on four continents and has engineering base in India. All our offerings provided to the Indian market are "Make in India", with global inputs and expertise.
Elocity digitally connects the EV charging ecosystem through its HIEV technology to unlock value, promote better coordination in demand management, and provide a better EV charging experience for EV drivers.
HIEV enables EV adoption and sustainable integration of EVs, EV drivers, chargers, and the electricity grid. Digital integration is vital for a sustainable transition to electric mobility. Elocity solves technical and business challenges around interoperability, data privacy, payment processing, and security for better and faster EV adoption.
To learn more about Elocity: www.elocitytech.com